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5 exercises that will not affect your joints

5 exercises that will not affect your joints

The knees support much of the weight of the body, to exercise when they have problems can seem complicated.
Having issues in the knees ought not be a hindrance to perform occasional physical movement. Albeit a few exercises can influence your joints, there are a few activities that you can undoubtedly perform without causing them harm.

As a rule, a poor execution of the systems is in charge of joint harm . Thus, on the off chance that you have any inquiries with your activities, counsel a games master to help you all the while.

The health of your joints

it is one of the reasons for joint wounds, for example, osteoarthritis , tendinitis or aggravation of the tendons. As indicated by the Arthritis Foundation, each 10 pounds of overweight apply 40 pounds of additional weight on the knees. 
“It is critical for the populace to realize that corpulence isn’t just a stylish issue , yet in addition adds to causing musculature medical issues,” says Stuart D. Mill operator, orthopedic specialist at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, United States. 
What’s more, weight causes other surely understood medical issues: 
Increased blood pressure.
High cholesterol levels
Heart failure.
Increase in blood sugar and diabetes.
Fatty liver .
Thus, having issues in the knees isn’t just a reason not to practice , but rather should be an inspiration to do as such. What’s more, for that, we can utilize low-sway practices that deal with our wellbeing without influencing the joints. 

5 exercises to take care of your joints

1. Swimming

It is viewed as a standout among st the most total games and a standout amongst the most neighborly for the joints. Water decreases the weight on the body by supporting its weight and padding any effect. 
The swimming consolidates cardio-oxygen consuming ejection, muscle and adaptability necessities . Any style of swimming, from allowed to butterfly, requires the development of the upper and lower muscles. 
“Swimming activities more real muscles of the body than some other sort of cardio work out,” says Natasha Van Der Merwe, chief of the marathon program of the Aquatic and Sports Academy of Austin, Texas. 
It is assessed that a consistent half hour of swimming can expend somewhere in the range of 220 and 270 calories . A perfect game to consume fat and tone the body.

2. Aqua fitness

If you do not like to swim, aqua fitness is an aerobic endurance exercise that is done standing in a pool . It is usually run by an instructor. The aqua fitness exercises  are similar to those of a normal aerobics class, but the incorporation of water increases endurance and decreases the impact.
Brook Turner, a nutritionist and physical trainer, says that “Walking in the water requires more effort and, therefore, burns more calories than doing it normally. In aqua fitness , the body looks for energy in fat stores , rather than carbohydrates, as in high-intensity exercises. “
According to the National Institute of Health of the United States, one hour of aqua fitness consumes  approximately 520 calories .

3. Rowing

This is another low impact exercise that will keep your knees protected. Paddling requires all parts of the body, from the arms to the legs , and especially the pectoral and abdominal muscles.
You do not need to be near a lake or a river, or you have a kayak, you can go to any gym and use the rowing machines . These allow you to regulate the resistance according to your capacity and you can do routines with intermediates to rest.
Half an hour of rowing at a moderate pace can burn between 260 and 300 calories .

4. The elliptical machine

Surely you have seen in the gyms a walking machine composed of two platforms to place the feet and two handles. That is the  elliptical bicycle . This machine allows a complete and demanding cardiovascular exercise, with low impact .
The internal pulleys of this device cushion the impact of each step and at the same time force the arms to move at the same time as the legs move . This increases the intensity and energy expenditure. The elliptical works mainly the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdominals and in the upper part the biceps, triceps and pectorals.
One hour of exercise with the elliptical programmed at medium intensity can burn between 550 and 650 calories.

5. Yoga

Woman doing yoga being instructed Contrary to what is usually thought, yoga strengthens your muscles and reduces body fat.
The yoga is generally associated with relaxation and stretching postures that require flexibility, but not burn fat. However, there are some types of yoga that require a high energy expenditure , so they help you lose weight.

Ashtana yoga

It is a continuous sequence of postures that work at the same time resistance and flexibility in coordination with breathing . While exercising the body with intensity, it maintains other benefits of yoga, such as the release of stress, relaxation and spiritual connection.
A one-hour class of Ashtana yoga burns between 320 and 40 calories.Bikram yoga It is practiced in a room with temperatures that reach up to 40 ° C, which is why there is great sweating. This modality is based on a routine of 26 postures always in the same sequence . It is specially designed to strengthen muscles and eliminate toxins.
Although the fact of sweating is not related to losing weight, in a session of Bikram yoga you can lose up to 600 calories .

Power yoga

It is similar to Ashtana yoga but more vigorous, even some purists consider it more gymnastics than yoga . Like the Ashtana , power yoga makes continuous postures, but more sustained, which requires greater strength.
This yoga modality, due to its requirement,  helps burn between 300 and 400 calories in a session of one hour .
As you can see, having knee pain does not prevent you from keeping fit or burning fat. However, if you have discomfort it is advisable to consult with your doctor which exercise is most convenient for you.

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