6 reasons why your diet to lose weight fails

6 reasons why your diet to lose weight fails

Diets propose demanding protocols, encourage the consumption of processed and low-calorie foods that tend to cause the lack of certain nutrients, so they can not be maintained in the long term. Sooner or later what you need to do is learn to eat healthy.
Why does your diet lose weight?
Maybe if you are completing an eating routine procedure you have brought up this issue. In this way, an examination demonstrates that two of each three individuals who pass on won’t just recuperate the shed pounds , yet in addition have a higher body weight than they had before beginning the eating routine.

Subsequently, the disappointment and age of an endless loop that makes the scale a crazy ride , with its resulting undesirable impacts, both for the digestion and for the perspective.

How 6 reasons why your diet to lose weight fails

1. Stop eating essential healthy fats

This could be the main reason why the diet to lose weight fails. Some health professionals suggest that an imbalance in the consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may be related to obesity.

Ideally, we would have to consume approximately the same amount of omega-6 and omega-3. But due in large part to the increased consumption of processed foods, which often contain vegetable oils and other fats, the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids is too high compared to that of omega-3.

Also, stop eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can cause you to eat too much because the body does not receive full meals and craving fats in any way , appearing binge eating then .

2. There is a deficiency of calories.

Because your body works to maintain body weight, when you do not get enough food, you get hungry and deprived of nutrients. When this happens steadily, it triggers a survival response in which the body slows down the metabolism to conserve resources.

Your body intelligently conserves its caloric expenditure, because it does not know when it will have access to the nutrients it needs. This is what keeps us alive in times of hunger.

So, paradoxically, not having enough calories can make your body gain weight because your metabolism slows down when you go into “survival” mode.

3. There is protein deficiency

Man with thumb up and protein foods Proteins must be an important part of the diet, including those of plant origin.Many people often see legumes , for example, as a group of high-calorie foods that have to be banned if you want to lose weight.
But the truth is that these foods are also a source of slow-absorbing carbohydrates that leave you satiated for many hours. And, in addition, to be rich in proteins help to develop muscle mass, which in fact is our fat burning tissue.

4. By doing too much physical exercise

Doing regular exercise is very important but with 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily is enough. On the other hand, if you exercise too hard you trigger the response to the stress of your body .

Doing this repeatedly can put your body in a state of chronic stress and, when this happens, your immune system slows down and releases the stress hormone, cortisol , which can contribute to weight gain. It has also been associated with immunological problems, depression or infertility.

5. For the stress of being on a diet

Stressed woman with hands on her head: your diet to lose weight fails
A diet process should mean a readjustment of your lifestyle and not a restrictive way that causes you stress.
Excessive exercise is not the only aspect of weight loss that can trigger your body’s stress response. Constantly worrying about what you eat, counting calories and losing the pleasure of eating can also stress your body.

Instead of trying to adjust to the strict rules of a diet, it is simply about eating healthy foods that also satisfy your palate.

6. Fail your diet to lose weight because it is unsustainable

The diet to lose weight proposes demanding protocols, so it can not be maintained in the long term. Sooner or later what you need to do is learn to eat healthy .

Instead of wasting a lot of time fooling your body at the expense of your central nervous system or health, you can work with the natural functioning of your body.

You can give your body a constant flow of pleasant food so that it can provide you with energy and vitality. Maintaining a constant stream of nutrients keeps your blood sugar stable, gives you concentration and mental clarity.

These have been the 6 reasons why your diet to lose weight would fail. Now that you know them, try to apply them so that you can achieve your goal. Do not give up!

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