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Makeup tips to correct blemishes

Makeup tips to correct blemishes

The makeup not only helps us to enhance the part of the face that we want to highlight but it is also perfect to camouflage and disguise the small imperfections that we do not like on our face.
Of course not. We are not perfect. Any. So stop having a hard time not having almond-shaped eyes, long eyelashes or voluminous lips. We all need some makeup tricks to correct those spots on the face.

And is that makeup not only helps us to enhance the part of the face we want to highlight, but it is also perfect to camouflage and disguise the small imperfections that we do not like on our face.

Now, the million dollar question: how is it done? Attentive to the following makeup tips to correct the spots on the face and you will become an expert of the retouching.

What types of spots are there

The most common types of stains are:


They are the most common spots. Small in size and color homogeneous brown, its appearance is caused by exposure to sunlight . They are easy to remove with laser treatments.


They are caused by hormonal changes such as menopause , pregnancy, thyroid disorders or the use of the contraceptive pill. They appear on the upper lip, cheeks, forehead or chin. They are more difficult to eliminate, but there are adequate treatments such as medical scrubs and depigmenting creams.

In the case of appearance by the contraceptive pill, when they stop taking it they disappear spontaneously. 90% of women suffer from them, while in men they appear due to the use of antibiotics. Therefore, when taking certain medications it is always important to use an adequate sunscreen .

Other type of spots:

Metabolic or nutritional factors : caused by lack of vitamin C, B or zinc.
Inflammatory pigmentation : caused by sunburn in the scar of a surgical operation.
White spots : known as “gray hair,” appear on arms and legs, and are caused by sun damage. In addition, as the skin ages, the pigment that darkens is not produced, remaining this color. They are also related to liver or endocrine disorders.

Why skin spots occur

The spots usually appear by exposure to ultraviolet rays after years of contact with the sun, is what is known as “photoaging”. This is manifested by dehydration, scaling and skin tightening, as well as by the lack of elasticity in the skin giving rise to wrinkles and fearsome spots.

From the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) add that the causes of skin aging are due to:

Internal factors : such as metabolic deterioration and inheritance.
External factors: such as solar radiation, pollution, environmental pollution, eating habits, alcohol consumption, smoking or stress.
Makeup tips to correct blemishes on the face

1. The key is in the base

So that your base does not crack or form dark or bright areas, you have to choose it taking into account the type of skin . On the one hand, a light fluid , applied with a damp sponge or matifying effect (bar or box makeup), is suitable for oily skin .

On the other hand, dry skin makes great use of cream or fluid makeup and nourishment . The ideal way to apply it is with small touches all over the face and soft massages.

Finally, for normal skin, the best thing is a moisturizing fluid or a compact that does not dry out. In addition, if you already have mature skin, you need a creamy anti-aging makeup or a fluid with tensor effect.

 2. An essential makeup to correct blemishes: the concealer

For each of these spots there are  different correctors that help hide.

Apply clear concealer to hide spots, dark circles and pimples. Also to obtain relief in the sunken areas of the face due to age or stress.
The dark concealer deepens areas of the face larger than the double chin or the wider sides of the nose.
Green corrector to hide redness and veins.

3. Get more out of your eyes to correct blemishes

Shade : Light and bright tones provide relief, while dark tones dwarf them giving depth.
Mascara : there are those that lengthen, thicken and thicken the eyelashes, those that curl and even transparent.
Eyeliner : Essential to modify the shape. Applied with a pencil or brush, it is more natural. And liquid for a more sophisticated look.
Finally, we recommend you follow these makeup tips to correct blemishes. Use a fixative at the end so that the makeup lasts longer.

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