Some tips to keep the spine healthy and strong

8 tips to keep the spine healthy and strong

To keep the spine in good condition it is very important to take care of our posture and perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of this area.
We never worry about her. Like the feet, the structure that is responsible for the support of our body in its upright position, is the eternal forgotten. That is why in this article we will give you 8 tips to keep your spine healthy and strong

 Let’s talk about the spine

The spine is a complex articulated structure that is responsible for supporting the body . It goes from the head, through the neck and back, to the pelvis and is composed of vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Through its interior passes the spinal cord that regulates the nervous system and movement.

Due to its intense use, the spine is susceptible to suffer both bony injuries, as well as associated muscles, which can produce intense pain and affect the quality of life of the individual. It is essential then to pay close attention and adopt healthy habits that allow to keep it strong and free of tensions.

In this opportunity we want to share:

8 tips to keep the spine healthy and strong

If you follow these recommendations you will avoid the development of conditions of the column.

1-Exercise regularly

The regular practice of physical exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen and care for the spine. Not only will you maintain an adequate weight, but you will also reduce stiffness and tension in muscles and joints. It is necessary to combine  cardiovascular workouts with strength exercises to have more benefits. Consult a physiotherapist to obtain the best possible result.

Improve body posture

A good body posture, both when walking and at rest, is crucial to avoid the development of injuries or deformations in the spine. This is because it facilitates the distribution of weight and, in turn,  keeps the vertebrae and discs in their correct position. Trauma, tension and pain in this area often have a lot to do with incorrect posture.

keep a healthy weight

Overweight and obesity are two very dangerous conditions for muscle and joint health, since they involve more physical effort and more stress on the structures. The accumulation of fat in the  abdominal area increases the chances of suffering a spinal injury or stiffness in the muscles of the back. It is also associated with problems such as herniated disc and premature wear of the cartilages that protect the bony system.

Have a healthy diet

The consumption of healthy foods plays a very important role in the health of all the systems of the body. We recommend increasing the consumption of calcium and vitamin D, two key nutrients for bone formation and remodeling.

Avoid the cigarette

The toxins in the cigarette are related to a wide variety of diseases. Nicotine, tar, ammonia, butane and methane are just some of the substances that come from this product. These travel through the bloodstream and deposit in the tissues. Its accumulation in the body is linked to the risk of suffering from cancer, respiratory diseases and muscle and bone affectations.
Strengthen the abdominal muscles
Strengthening the abdominal and lower back muscles benefits the spine . The abdominal area contributes to body support and helps reduce the effort that the back must make.

Pause and stretch

Those who have to work several hours in front of  computers  and, in general, maintain the same position for hours should take breaks every so often. This type of activity usually causes tension and stress on the spine. Take about 10 minutes every 1 hour to stretch the muscles to stimulate blood circulation.

Controlling stress

People who are continuously subjected to stressful situations  are more likely to suffer back, neck and shoulder pain. Emotional imbalances interfere with the activity of  the nervous system , and can generate muscle contractures. Opt for relaxation techniques and enjoy the pleasures of life and you will be taking care of your spine.

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